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Not Even Half of America Thinks Biden is Sane Enough to Be President



President Joe Biden puts his head to his hands during a virtual meeting with governors, mayors and local officials in August. Biden’s behavior in office has many American voters questioning his mental competence, according to a Fox New poll published Sunday. (Mandel Ngan / AFP via Getty Images)

He laughs inappropriately. He frequently appears disoriented. He forgets where he is, the names of his cabinet positions, entire federal departments, and the people he’s appointed to run them.

He lapses into nonsense in the middle of speeches. He lashes out at reporters. His vice president inexplicably talks to leaders of foreign countries in his stead.

His handlers never seem to want to let him speak publicly for very long — he’s told us so himself, on multiple occasions.

While it’s unclear why, exactly, President Joe Biden constantly displays symptoms of at least some degree of mental incompetence, it is clear that the American voting public has noticed — and they have concerns.

According to a Fox News poll published Sunday, less than half of American registered voters surveyed say Biden has the “mental soundness” to serve as commander in chief. So, whatever is going on, the people have clearly noticed.

When the just over 1,000 respondents were asked, “Do you think Joe Biden has the mental soundness to serve effectively as president, or not?” only 49 percent replied “yes.”

Meanwhile, 48 percent said that no, the president of the United States does not have the mental soundness to serve effectively.

These were the results from Sept. 12 to Sept. 15. Several days earlier, between Sept. 7 and Sept. 10, 45 percent said that Biden was not mentally fit for the job — so the newer poll shows an increase.

It’s hardly been just the past few weeks in which Biden has displayed a disturbing degree of incompetence. It’s not just his actual job performance, but the way his administration has handled the ongoing border crises of its own making and the unsettling and deadly withdrawal from Afghanistan alone are an indication that leadership is not what it ought to be in Washington D.C.

The examples are seemingly endless, but a modest sampling would have to include moments such as Biden falling up stairs:

Biden apparently getting lost on his way to the White House:

Biden apparently forgetting the name of the Australian prime minister:

Biden forgetting the name of the Pentagon, the defense secretary, and the person he appointed to fill this post:

Biden getting cut off in the middle of a live stream in August:

And again, just last week:

It’s not surprising that a president who was elected by a small margin in a hotly contested election would have approval ratings that split cleanly down the middle.

Do you believe Biden’s cognitive health is in decline?

It is surprising, however, that nearly half of American voters actually think he’s not merely doing a bad job, but mentally unfit for the job.

To news junkies like myself who routinely track the possible evidence that the president is displaying symptoms of early-onset dementia, it’s hard to have confidence in the state of affairs when it’s impossible to ignore the glaring evidence of such potential senility.

But what does it say that Biden’s apparent cognitive decline is so glaring that nearly half of the voting public lacks confidence he possesses the mental soundness for the world’s most powerful position?

It’s a very sad state of affairs, that’s for certain.


Idaho lieutenant gov issues vaccine order, tries to send National Guard troops to southern border while gov is out of state



For the second time this year, Republican Idaho Lt. Gov. Janice McGeachin attempted to take advantage of Republican Idaho Gov. Brad Little’s absence to issue a COVID-19 related executive order — but the governor isn’t having any of it.

What happened?

With Little out of state Tuesday, McGeachin issued an executive order barring employers in the state from implementing vaccine mandates for employees, the Associated Press reported.

Little was in Texas meeting with nine other Republican governors over concerns about President Biden’s handling of the crisis at the U.S. southern border when the order was issued. But after he caught wind of McGeachin’s maneuvering, Little issued a statement saying that he never authorized the order and vowing to repeal it immediately upon his return.

“I am in Texas performing my duties as the duly elected Governor of Idaho, and I have not authorized the Lt. Governor to act on my behalf,” Little said in a statement shortly after arriving in Texas on Tuesday. “I will be rescinding and reversing any actions taken by the Lt. Governor when I return.”

The AP noted that Little is expected back in the state Wednesday evening. The news agency also noted that in Idaho, the governor and lieutenant governor don’t run on the same ticket. In fact, McGeachin is running for governor against Little in the state’s next election.

What else?

McGeachin wasn’t finished there, however. She also sought to deploy Idaho National Guard troops to the U.S.-Mexico border this week in Little’s absence.

In a letter to Maj. Gen. Michael J. Garshak obtained by the AP, McGeachin wrote, “As of Wednesday, my constitutional authority as Governor affords me the power of activating the Idaho National Guard. As the Adjutant General, I am requesting information from you on the steps needed for the Governor to activate the National Guard.”

The lieutenant governor’s request was ultimately rebuffed, but Little took notice of the attempt and used it to slam his opponent.

“Attempting to deploy our National Guard for political grandstanding is an affront to the Idaho constitution and insults the men and women who have dedicated their life to serving our state and the country,” Little said in a statement.

Anything else?

In May, while Little was in Nashville, Tennessee, attending a meeting of the Republican Governors Association, McGeachin issued an executive order barring local governments from implementing mask mandates.

Little, who had never implemented a statewide mask mandate in Idaho, called the order an “irresponsible, self-serving political stunt.”


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Glenn Beck: Electricity shortages in China mean empty shelves ARE coming. Here’s how to PREPARE



On the “Glenn Beck Radio Program,” Glenn explained why he wouldn’t be surprised to see our supply chain collapse and empty shelves in America in the near future. Shortages are already wrecking our economy, China (where many of our goods are still made) is facing an energy shortage, and the Biden administration sure seems to be doing everything it can to make things worse.

Glenn noted a serious warning from American CEO Mike Beckham: “There’s a major storm brewing in the supply chain,” Beckham wrote on Twitter.

Thanks to China’s centrally planned system, electricity shortages are causing huge delays in product manufacturing. In fact, some items are facing a 33 percent cut in production. “It could dramatically impact every [American’s] life next year. But almost no one knows about it yet,” Beckham warned.

Glenn went on to explain exactly what this means for you — and what you can do to prepare.

Watch the video clip below to hear Glenn break it down:


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It Begins: Federal Investigators Are Issuing Warrants for Google to Turn Over Anyone Typing in Certain Search Terms



It begins.
The federal government is issuing warrants from compliant Google to turn over anyone typing in certain search terms.

But they assure the American public that they can be trusted. Just like the federal government assured Americans they would not abuse the secret FISA courts to spy on innocent Americans!

We now know that crooked feds were spying on Donald Trump, his family, his campaign and his presidency using the secret courts to obtain warrants.

This is your brave new world. Get used to it.

Yahoo reported:

The U.S. government is reportedly secretly issuing warrants for Google to provide user data on anyone typing in certain search terms, raising fears that innocent online users could get caught up in serious crime investigations at a greater frequency than previously thought.

In an attempt to track down criminals, federal investigators have started using new “keyword warrants” and used them to ask Google to provide them information on anyone who searched a victim’s name or their address during a particular year, an accidentally unsealed court document that Forbes found shows.

Google has to respond to thousands of warrant orders each year, but the keyword warrants are a relatively new strategy used by the government and are controversial.

“Trawling through Google’s search history database enables police to identify people merely based on what they might have been thinking about, for whatever reason, at some point in the past,” Jennifer Granick, surveillance and cybersecurity counsel at the American Civil Liberties Union, told Forbes.

“This never-before-possible technique threatens First Amendment interests and will inevitably sweep up innocent people, especially if the keyword terms are not unique and the time frame not precise. To make matters worse, police are currently doing this in secret, which insulates the practice from public debate and regulation,” she added.

The government said that the scope of the warrants is limited to avoid implicating innocent people who happen to search for certain terms, but it’s not publicly disclosed how many users’ data are sent to the government and what the extent of the warrant requests are.


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